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Vancouver, Washington (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 10. September 2017
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 01:00:00

We stepped outside the front door to smoke, were looking at the big dipper, when i turned and noticed strange lights to the nw. watched for a few moments and realized it was not a plane. my adult son was with me and i pointed it out to him. we stood and watched it and he asked if i had any binoculars, which i did not. then he said i'll get my phone. has zoom feature). we watched for about 5 minutes and it did'nt move location. i told him i was going to the end of the street to get a clearer veiw. once there i could see it much clearer and told him to come down where i was. he began taking photos, and we stood there for another 20 mins, during this time i noticed a neighbor was up with his door open and called him out to see it. we watched it for some time and all agreed it was not something normal. i am disabled and could no longer stand there so we headed back to the house and watched for a few more mins. it is now 10:20 pm and is still there and in the same position.( but now slightly higher) this thing is very large. approx. 5 miles away would be our guess, and pinky nail size at arms lenght in size. not a planet that i am aware of. i am a skywatcher , and have never in any season noticed this before. as i write this it is still observable.And appears to be bobbing up and down in elevation. though very slowly. signing off and now 10:30 , still there. have photo's but don't know how to download them.

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