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Marietta, Ohio (United States)

Sighted on Monday 02. October 2017
Reported on
Shape: N, A | Duration: 00:10:00

Stepped outside to get something outside of my car at 3:20am. noticed a strange light out of place in the night sky. my first thought was that it was an aircraft, possibly a life flight helicopter (common in our area, a regional hospital is only blocks away). noticed a green light mixed with blue, red and white, which is not uncommon for aircraft, but the tints seemed off for marker lights. pulled out my flightradar app to see what aircraft it might be, but found no commercial radar contacts within 50 miles of my position. light was moving slowly what appeared towards me at first, but later began moving away. night sky was clear, and this was by far the brightest object in the sky. it was not a satellite or the iss, as i am a regular sky watcher and know the difference. i remained stationary through most of the observation period (almost 10 minutes) until the very end when the light moved behind trees, so i adjusted my position to observe. i did witness at least one satellite cross the night sky during the event, and towards the end of the event a helicopter appeared on the flight path heading towards the hospital from the west/southwest of my position. the object remained a near constant radiance until the very end of the encounter when it faded and went out completely. i cannot be certain, but the object may have been ascending and moving away towards the east. a random red, green, blue and white pattern of lights was observed throughout until the very end when it became a dull blue and then disappeared completely. it first appeared in the night sky at roughly 30 degrees, moved higher and then back towards the horizon, some of the last observed changes in apogee may have been partially due to my changing of position. no sound was heard, but i may have been too far away to hear. sounds from the interstate, approximately 1.5 miles from my position could be distinguished, and a barge engine was audible in the distance from the ohio river, approximately .75 mile from my position. i've been a sky watcher for most of my life and have witnessed some strange things, but never anything i couldn't explain fully. this i could not, especially after i realized it was not a registered aircraft or satellite.

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