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Belvidere NJ USA

Sighted on Tuesday 10. October 2017
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Shape: Hard to tell due to the single bright light but after it turned off the lights flashed in the shape of an oval | Duration: About 10 minutes. Abou 1:30 was filmed

At first me and my friend Anthony Appleby only saw 2 bright orange lights hovering fairly close to the ground. We couldn't see anything but the light. We both stared at it and then both concluded that what we were watching hover for about 5 minutes clearly were not planes. We started recording and during the second video (I think I sent both of them twice on accident there's only supposed to be 2 not 4) the one started rising quickly in the air and then came towards us. As it started to pass us the video cut off because I was recording with Snapchat and ur limited to a certain amount of time for a video and I didn't bother to keep recording I just watched in awe as the bright orange light turned off. We thought it disappeared but then about every second lights flashed. The pattern was 2-1-2. All the lights were white. 2 lights flashed, then 1, then 2 again. 2-1-2-1-2-1-2-etc you get the point. The way the lights were positioned in the sky resembled an oval, however we could not see the shape or an actual air craft because it was dark out. After like a minute it disappeared from view and then the second one started to rise in the same manner, then followed the same path the first one did, and turned off its orange light and also had blinking lights but it was in a different pattern. It was 1 red and then 1 white and it repeated over and over again. As if passed we saw 2 back burners on the back, but no aircraft. Just lights and back burners. It resembled a fighter jet in a way, but how can a jet like that hover, and fly without making a sound. And they were both fairly slow. After the second one disappeared by going out of view we looked back and saw a third one rising up, it was not there before. Maybe it was on the ground? It did almost the exact same things as the first two, (turning off light, and flying in the same direction) this one however had 1 back burner which we guess was in the middle and it had no blinking. They all headed in the same direction, south west, more towards west though.


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