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Quakertown, Pennsylvania (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 08. October 2017
Reported on
Shape: Diamond | Duration: 05:00:00

Here is my account of many unidentified objects myself, my girlfriend's father (gff) and i experienced last night in quakertown in the morning hours of 10/8/17. i did need not keep an accurate track time of when it all started. i did go to bed at 7:30am when it started getting light and everything was no longer visual. imagine standing on the 50 yard line of a football field. you are standing with a camera in the neutral zone above the center. you are to record the play as it happens around you. you can't, because you are standing in the middle of it. i have great video of this event, but the totality of how massive it was cannot be captured, because everything was happening around us. we were in the center of it all. also, try to record a full moon. it looks like a very small light. realize the video i have does not even begin to capture the colors which were much clearer and pure white first hand. the trees in the campground are very tall. i would guess 100'. gff and i did not figure out the totality of everything going on around is until probably an hour in. gff, my girlfriebd and i were sitting around the campfire all facing the same direction. it was a humid night and not windy at all. the fire was a very clean fire with very little smoke. as we sat there it got very windy on the treetops above us but it was not windy at all below. acorns were dropping like flies out of the trees for,i would guess,15-20 minutes. i would guess this was around 1:30am. the acorns were landing all around us. none of us thought anything unusual about it. my girlfriend went to bed. (at this point as far as i could see, there was nobody else up at the campground) after she went to bed, gff noticed small orange lights not a foot off the ground maybe 30 yards in front of us. they would go from a light orange to a dark orange. they were very small. there were also white lights as well. again, tiny tiny lights. then he started to notice orbs flying around with his naked eye. i couldn't see it. i grabbed my phone and in looking through the camera of my phone i could see the orbs. they would move no higher than 10' off the ground, literally to the ground. i got up to walk towards the small lights and the orbs would come towards me. i photographed a blue orb. the video i have of the orbs is not blue. at one point gff saw 8. they were all around me and also at my feet. only when i approached the tiny lights did the orbs move closer to me. at this point i turned around and looked the complete opposite direction and there at a 40 or 50 degree angle in the sky was a big round object. it was pulsating a code. flashing white and red colors as the code. there were fast blinks and slow, more methodical blinks. there were other normal street lights or typical lights you see at a campground. this was neither. i knew immediately this was a ufo. i look to my right 20 degree angle from a horizontal line through me to my right was a very bright pure star light. it was the purest color i have ever seen. the only way i can describe it is looking into a pure diamond in the day light. it is beautiful white perfection. the same exact light to my left. both of these lights were roughly 10' hovering off the ground, and roughly 30 yards each away from me. the blinking light in the sky and these two lights formed a perfect triangle. as i turned back around i could now see more small lights. don and i were directly in the center of this phenomenon. i captured video of an orb bouncing around with the main ufo in the air. multiple videos of orbs lining up with main pulsating object. i could not capture video of all three at a time. they were too far apart. the star like ufo to my right was blinking ever so slowly at one point, appearing to signal the one on my left. i have this on video. i never saw the one on my left blink. the light to my right was just left of a tree. i looked to the right of the tree and i could literally see, as best i can describe it as gravity displacement from the light. the objects to the right, were all waving in this displacement. it was literally only about a 5' displacement. the last thing we noticed was the sky above us and to the right was a deep haunted blue color. it was a massive color. as far as you could see it was this color. again, above and only to the right. it did blink, ever so slightly from the deep blue to black. i have never seen the sky this color in my life. also, during this experience we would look up and see one tree moving vigorously from the "wind" but the tree right next to it was not moving at all. i cannot explain what i saw. i have never seen anything like this in my life. it was an unbelievable experience. i was in awe and not scared. i was only scared to walk towards the objects to my right and left, and did not. note:i have a lot of video. i will not release the rights to your organization. a member of your team is welcome to meet with me to view them.

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