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Colorado Springs, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 11. October 2017
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:20:00

I went to bed early on, wed., oct. 11, 2017, & got up at aprox. 21:30 mst and opened the front door of my apt. (which opens out towards the south) and i noticed an incredibly brilliant red, pulsating, circular, very large craft! it was night time with a dark, practically, cloudless sky, and the craft looked like it was hovering near the western slope of the n. cheyenne mt. canyon. we can see the will roger's shrine when directly looking in this direction, so - the red craft was above the level of the shrkne, diagonally, to the upper right from the shrine. also, i noticed a bright white orb, that was in front of the very left side of the craft, illuminating, this white orb, also, would turn off in front of our very eyes & then back on again, on that left side, also. this orb, in size, appeared, to be the same height as the craft...Okay, so then i say to chris, who was sleeping - ^you won't believe this! i've never seen anything like this before!" so, chris, got up & came to the front door - he was astonished, too! this thing was huge! chris says, "over 300 feet." now, we are looking directly south from our third floor apartment window @the very top of 21st street! we have the grand, panoramic, bird's eye view, here! chris saw exactly as i just described above we both witnessed this white orb, that was over in front of the craft, to the left, take off, heading west (to the right) from the craft, and just before it did that, we noticed a red orb that was just behind it. so,in fact,what happened rather quickly was - as that white orb was shooting out towards the west, the red orb (that was right behind it) shot out to the east. it looked as if we were 'in on' some type of 'operation/routine,' that appeared well organized,'symmetrical' & 'streamlined.' both of these orbs headed in opposite directions from each other (the white orb heading west and the red orb heading east). the orb heading west, appeared, to go out just about only far as the canyon and then returned back to the craft in a smooth gliding, speedy line into the right side of the craft. then the red orb,that headed east from the craft, then smoothly glided, just like the white orb did, into the left side of the craft. also, the red orb, would also turn to white - so it seemed confusing at first about how many orbs (because of the one that would turn from red to white), however, it appeared to be only 2 orbs. they were at equal height & proximity from each other when they were on either side of the craft from each other & heading in those opposite directions - it could of been described as a 'highly synchronized ballet.' chris & i watched this type of activity go on until about 21:50 mst (aprox. 20 min.). at the very end, and chris had just stepped away from the window, and this craft started to really pulsate with the bright red light, almost some orange here & there - i couldn't believe it - it turned into a cross in the sky 'literally'right before my very eyes! chris, just happened at the wrong time, when he stepped away - and, yes, chris was taking a video, but he may of missed this. so, what i saw of this extremely, red, pulsating cross in the sky, that it turned into in front of my very eyes, as i couldn't believe what i was seeing, as it seemed surreal! there were many white windows in a row in both directions of the cross. it was pulsating so intensely, as it was changing into the cross, and a circle of red light illuminating around it and then it went black, like it disappeared. saw no vapor. i don't remember seeing the 2 orbs anymore, but i'm pretty sure that i saw a smallish white light (not as bright as the white orb) and that - was exactly on the top of that mountain, in the very center, above the will river's shrine, and to the right of the bank of the tall, red, antennas. that is all. barb & chris attachments: video & photos. please contact me as i have concise colored pencil drawings of what it looked like as a cross. i just can't seem to get this file over to you and it's very important!!! - thank you!! ~ barb

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