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South Lebanon, Ohio

Sighted on Monday 30. October 2017
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 3 Minutes

3-of-3 sightings: This is the 3rd sighting of a similar object in about 2 weeks. On October 30th, 2017, at 11:05 PM, I was standing out side. In the distance, I saw a red orb (about the size of a plane) way up in the sky. The orb was not moving. After about a minute, it started to move. Given the similar sightings I had, I took a picture. When the object started to move, I thought the orb might be a plane. The object suddenly started to change color. It went from red to white. This was something I had not seen the other orbs do. I still thought it might be a plane-even though it was moving really slow-especially when considering how low the plane would have been. Suddenly, the orb disappeared. There were no clouds in the immediate area where I spotted the orb. I could see stars behind the area where the orb was located-re-enforcing the notion that no clouds were in the area where the orb disappeared. At that moment, I realized this was another orb-similar to my other recent sightings. I know the pic I took wasn't very clear. I didn't take a really good pic because I thought the object was a plane until the moment it disappeared. The temperature was very cool. The sky was mostly clear, with a few clouds. No clouds were near the orb I saw.


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