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Apopka, Florida (United States)

Sighted on Friday 06. October 2017
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 00:02:00

On the night of october 6th, 2017 at 9:11pm, my fiancé and i were heading home from my moms house. we took our usual shortcut home, down haas rd., and were having an ordinary conversation when he interrupts me and says “what is that in the sky?!?” i thought it looked like a helicopter from a distance, and automatically thought there may be an accident or construction up ahead. as we got closer to it we knew it couldn’t be a helicopter because there was no sound coming from it. we then thought it was a drone, but as we got even closer, we noticed it wasn’t even hovering, it was just “there”. it was just stationed to the west of someone’s house in an open pasture. as we were passing the object, i was able to get a good look at it from underneath. i saw a massive craft, much larger than any drone i have ever seen! it was about the size of a passenger airplane. it had four massive lights on it. the lights were illuminating a yellow color, casting a small amount of light on the craft, but the craft was still very dull and dark to see. i did not notice anything from the lights, besides the size of the craft. the lights were not shining down in the pasture or in any general direction. we were both freaking out and shocked at what we just saw, but my fiancé told me to hurry up and get a picture. luckily, i had my phone in my lap, picked it up, and snapped a picture of it as quickly as i could. we were traveling about 50-60 mph, so everything happened rather quickly, but the object never moved the entire time it was in our sight. i wanted to turn around to get a better look and picture, but my fiancé suggested we leave it be and get home. we were so amazed, yet confused at what we saw, and talked about it until we went to bed that night. from how my fiancé describes what he saw, and from what i know i saw, we both saw the very same thing! we took the shortcut the next morning around 10am and saw nothing but blue sky. we have not seen anything since. we are still curious, confused, and concerned about what we saw. i have not been able to look at the picture on my computer yet, but i’m anxious to see if i can adjust contrast somehow and maybe get to see the craft better! it was dark so my iphone camera only seemed to pick up the lights from it. if anyone here can do that, i would love to see it again! also, we had a full (i believe a harvest) moon the night before this encounter! i wonder if that could that have anything to do with it. if you have any info, explanation, pictures, etc. that could help us figure out what this was, please share! thank you!

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