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Seattle, Washington (United States)

Sighted on Sunday 29. October 2017
Reported on
Shape: Boomerang | Duration: 00:00:30

i use ce5 protocols, but more of a telepathic calling to them. i have seen atleast eight in the last eighteen months since first doing this. i walk my dog many times a night and usually around the same times. i constantly stop and watch the sky, as a few nights ago i had another sighting. i had been mentally trying to communicate with them, and after about fifteen minutes of walking my dog and stopping to watch the sky i telepathically said ok star family, your not coming so im going in. as i was walking down the street, i saw something above me. it was dark and had many lights on it, at first i wasnt sure if it was a fleet of orbs, but i saw a boomerang vector shaped outline. the lights were dimmer than planes. like a warm whitish yellow tone. they covered the ship. i was overwhelmed with such love and happiness i started crying from happiness. i make contact with them often and never have made a report. i knew it was a et ship the moment i saw it. i have seen many in my life but this one was different. it flew in a straight line right above my head, it seemed to be going slow over me, then it speed up and i started running trying to keep up but it was gone. i was so emotionally overcome i couldnt stop crying tears of joy and it was such a spiritual event. this is how it always is, but this time was way more intense. even after coming back inside i was still so over joyed as once again i have made telepathic contact with the star beings. i dont hear back in my mind from them but i feel strong emotions. i had given up on seeing anything and at that moment they showed up. they always go overhead slow then take off at high speed and basically dissapear. im not sure if i am seeing into there dimension or they are in our 3rd dimension then take off thru portals. i will make reports for all future sightings. i feel it important to mention that i was over taken with the purest feeling of love, like they are benevolent and never once have i felt fear.

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