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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (United States)

Sighted on Friday 27. October 2017
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Shape: N, A | Duration: 07:00:00

Oct 27 2017 after midnight i was in my back yard. seen 4 craft glowing white with occasional red, blue lights blinking. not planes. at times they hovered, and moved about in all different directions. my girlfriend seen pretty much everything i seen. against her pleas for me not to i attempted to signal one of the craft with a light and asked it(thinking it could maybe hear me) if it wanted to make contact with me. i have always had a serious interest in ufos and ets. the one i signaled appeared to track and follow me to store up from where we reside and back. at one point it looked as though it was desending on me but seemed to have second thoughts and stayed put. i continued to sit out in my yard observing that particular one. for the most part it didn't move much beyond that. during this time i also seen craft which i would assume were at satellite level orbit. these looked like stars and their movement was erratic, changing direction and speed multiple times. i also noticed certain large star patterns that did not seem familiar and there were a few of each kind that seemed identical as far as i. could tell. the patterns noted were 3 star triangular. these were huge too. the others consisted of 2 stars. best way can describe those is hold a cigar up to the night sky. and picture. a star on each end. i say this too because there "appeared" to be a dark siloete against night sky of that shape with the star on either end. keep in mind this is the one thing i saw that night and the few following that i am least certain about but i figured i'd note it anyway. now it gets real crazy. hovering slowly over our houses i spotted the first of many triangle shaped craft that to the best of my knowledge were the tr3b models built by us. after spotting 2 or 3 more i had one fly directly over my head where i was sitting in my yard. i swear i might have been able to hit it with a rock. on a side note i jokingly spoke out to 1 a few min before that and asked if it could send one right over me possibly lower so i could get a better look. yeah that could be a coincidence but to say i was shocked and freaked out is an understatement. we seen what we figured to be at least 20 of these patrolling all over the sky at various altitudes for the rest of the night. as dawn started to break they all seemed to be headed west in line o e after the other. i also want to note i spotted what appeared to be one of them cloaking possibly in an attempt to look like a normal aircraft. reading up on these seems to indicate this ability. the next day the sky's were clear and i believe they had this ability on full display during the day. i only picked up on it because. i spotted a commercial airliner which seemed odd in that it was a flat dull white appearance flying overhead with chem trail following. here's the real strange part..It had what i'd call an orb to the very front left of it leaving a trail as well. i did a double take when it suddenly looked like a smaller version of the plane. both same dull white color. the smaller craft immediately took off leaving the larger on in the dust so to speak.. there were many more of these planes that seemed odd to me following that first set all leaving the trails. the following evening it looked as though we might get a better show than last night. right around 7 pm the tr3b craft were out again. quite a few at that. i seen the star ones again as well. when all this began emergency vehicles could be heard screaming around the city and for a while! suddenly it died down.. so did the tr3b sightings. they seemed to disappear while some were still visible but at much higher altitude. another coincidence? no idea! in between all of this another tr3b flew very low almost right over me and my neighbor. i yelled for him to look and basically said see i told you! he thought i was either nuts or on something when i told him about the night before. he seemed spooked and nervously said i'm sure it was just a plane.. i asked how many planes that low make zero noise?! what i can't understand about all of this is there was no mention of anything in the local paper, news outlets small and large. any online searches came up dead. i asked so many people locally if the spotted anything and pretty much all look at me like i have 3 heads. only 1 neighbor up the block knew what i was talking about. he seemed ecstatic when he walked by and i asked him about it. he stated his mother kept bugging him about the crazy stuff in the sky. that's basically me, my girlfriend and some guy and his mom that seen this. i find it all so strange. mainly due to the sighting being so large both in number of craft and duration of the event. are you or anyone else aware of any of this? if so i would love to hear! keep in mind that before all of this i have never seen a single ufo or et in my entire existence spanning 38 years.. i guess what else bothers me is the "coincidence" i see surrounding this. as i stated earlier i have always had a deep interest in all of this. what excites me and almost scares me though is the week leading to this i had my always deep interest turn into an obsession that's dominated every thought to the point of extremes i cannot describe. it was as though i experienced having premonitions about it all and as if someone or something was calling out to me...I know it sounds crazy. believe me i have no doubt i'm the resident crazy on my social media circle. it ain't over yet either...Its been a bit strange since.. guess i'll just have to see how far the rabbit hole goes. sorry for all my rambling and if you read this then thank you for taking the time...Sorry no pics. i'll try again over next few nights

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