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Balikesir (Turkey)

Sighted on Saturday 18. November 2017
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 00:00:05

my family and i were drinking a coffee near our house, and the place were in a public with artificial water source and some trees. me and my mom had gone there by car and my dad had gone there by bike. that's why, he was arriving there with his bike. he had crash helmet, and there was a water source behind him. i took some photos of him consecutively. photo shooting had taken only few seconds, no minutes. after that, we did not look these photos in that time. after some hours, at night; we recognised something different in the first photo. in the first photo, on the left top corner, there is an unknown object. but in the second photo, this object can not seen. we could not notice this object in the scene of photo shooting. we did not hear any voice, or any light. by the way, the weather was really cloudy but no any rain. we are really happy to have this photo and share with you. these photos were taken with iphone and do not include any filters or photoshop. thank you for your attention, time and sharing your ideas about these photo with us. yours sincerely,


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