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Vilanova del Vallès, Catalunya (Spain)

Sighted on Friday 17. November 2017
Reported on
Shape: Disc | Duration: 02:00:00

I am again writing over here, second night and the ufo appeared over my house roof and garden, this time i was with my girlfriend in the house as the previously night after seeing the orb and the ufo alone i was absolutely not able to sleep for the scare. but the second night, at about 23:00 it appeared hovering and stationary over my garden for about 20 mins and over my roof house for about 15min. at this stage i was very scared even my partner which we decided to call the local police, which came very fast and the 2 personnel were quite not surprised, but they were quite updated about the matter as they had colleagues of police officers in the past which have assisted similar ufo sightings in the same area which even the military personal came to look the area and several investigators; as soon the police arrived, you can see that at the very end of the video, 1sec before we went out to the garden to check the ufo, it disappears at super fast speed. the following morning, at about 12:13 the electrical house went out, we checked the emf field which we have heard that the ufo could interect with that and we got prepared just after the night,and the picotesla was 1346!! as soon after the eletrical came back about 3 mins after, the emf was around 33 picotesla! nothing observed or recorded in the cctv.

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