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Crestview, Florida (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 18. November 2017
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 00:45:00

I cannot day for sure, and i’d like to remain open and skeptical, but i believe i may have experienced an abduction, or at least an attempted abduction or two. so around a month ago, i had a dream in which i was being harassed by an entity. it was a lucid dream, so i was able to control my actions. i said, “get behind me, satan!” i then woke up and my legs were physically shaking!! in my half-woken state, i turned my head toward my legs and growl out again, “get behind me, satan!” the sensation stopped and i was unbothered for the duration of the night. fast forward to around a week ago. so lately, i’ve been feeling down. after this experience, i had a sudden influx of creativity, and i cannot stop painting! but let’s get to the actual experience. so i woke up one night and checked my phone- it was 12:24 am. i used the restroom, flipped through facebook, and i assume i went to sleep. i don’t really remember going back to bed, but i must have been out like a light. during this portion of time, the only thing i remember is being in a metal room with a series of lights peppered through whatever the facility was. i don’t believe there were any entities in my direct vicinity. i felt no fear, only curiosity. i started to think and focus on the lighting. that’s when i noticed the lighting dim and go to normal. curiously, i focused more intently on the lights, and they dimmed yet again. with this newfound knowledge, i gleefully focused more and more on these lights, and they started to surge in and out till eventually they were overloaded. light from these outlets filled my field of vision and i immediately woke up. i felt like hours had gone by- in my mind, it must have been at least 2 am. i checked the clock on my phone once more and was shocked to see it was only 12:45 am. the nature of this experience leads me to believe that if anything, it might have been an obe.

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