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Uddingston, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Sighted on Saturday 06. January 2018
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:01:25

Having set my ironing board up in my bedroom,i was on a mission to clear a mountain of laundry,not much was done after this ufo passed by. after only pressing 1 tee shirt, i was in the process of turning another inside out to continue the ironing marathon,and to enjoy watching a video on my phone that was sitting on the window sill. taking in a rather nice view,clearing sky and the sun lurking somewhere,something approaching from my right hand side grabbed my attention. having had a previous sighting of an orb like object very recently,this was something i quickly recognised and switched my phone to camera mode to capture an image of which i have 3 and was able to record video of the object moving away into cloud cover. this object was to my eye an orb of some type,appearing metallic and polished,however,changing shape as it moved through the air,but could this be the result of reflecting clouds on its surface. the object appeared to be moving in a tumbling fashion through the air,as if rolling over and over,rather than travelling steady and on a fixed trajectory. it was moving with purpose and considerable momentum,at first appearance as if coming directly across my viewing point from my window,but as my video shows,it was moving away in a westerly direction. the video clip shows the object appearing for around 8 seconds before going into the cloud cover. throughout the footage the object is tumbling and appears as a darker object rather than as first viewed being bright and metallic. object disappeared into cloud cover.

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