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Casa Grande, Arizona (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 11. January 2018
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 01:00:00

After observing four glowing orbs (two pairs)a week ago, i decided to go to the area of first sighting to see if there was a reappearance of the objects. i was headed west towards location of first sighting when four glowing orbs (2 pairs)were observed several miles ahead, low to the horizon. as i drove towards the four glowing objects, two of the orbs shrank and disappeared. the two remaining orbs hovered for about 10 minutes, then they too disappeared. approximately two minutes later the pair of orbs appeared again and seemed to move towards me. as they moved closer, they became larger but distance away was still difficult to judge. then suddenly, they disappeared and when they reappeared seconds later, they were headed in opposite direction and very far away. i got in my car and tried to get closer to them. after about 5 minutes of chasing them, they disappeared. i waited a few minutes, but the orbs did not come back. i got in my car and headed east back to my house but was curious as to whether they would show back up. i drove to where my car was parallel with the mine and got out of my car. looking to the southwest, the two orbs were back and seemed to be heading back in my direction (east). but once more, they slowly disappeared. again i waited a few minutes but they did not return. the entire sighting lasted approximately one hour. i found this experience to be very exciting as the second sighting was of the same kind of objects i had seen the first time. i was unable to get good video or pictures this time as i was using unfamiliar equipment and the excitement of the sighting caused me to forget how to use them. i will be better prepared the next time!

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