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Yuma, Arizona (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 13. January 2018
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration: 00:02:00

On the night of 1/13/18 was sitting on my back porch smoking a cigarette when a round large orange glow appeared over the north east horizon.. i thought the light was possible fireworks as it appeared over the neighbors house. but after there was no explosions,i walked into the yard and followed the glow as it appeared east of me and the object appeared to on fire. my thought was that it was a plane trying to reach the yuma airport but there was no engine sound and the object didn't appear to be moving fast. i could see distinct flames coming off the object, but could not tell what was underneath the flames. the object continued flying south. i put out my cigarette came through the house to call my wife and went to the front door facing south where we both saw the object still glowing but not as bright. as it moved off in the distance the glow became faint and finally disappeared in the distance. this was not a fast moving object, i couldn't tell what shape the object was, and there was no engine sound like a plane or a military jet using after burners.

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