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Kiowa, Colorado (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 06. February 2018
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 00:02:07

(i am an elementary science teacher who loves to look up at the sky constantly - have a great amazing view of the milky way above my house - so looking at the sky is a very regular and normal thing for me. i see satellites, iss, once i even the space shuttle trying to dock with the iss one summer long ago, meteors showers, comets, airplanes, and know the difference between them) so tonight after driving home from work to do farm chores next door at my parents house (my horse is on their property - share fence line) i was leaving their house and noticed a light in sky - bright. did not think much about it so went 500 feet more to my house and turned off engine and went to get out of my truck. i saw a weird reflected shape/light as i was getting out through my truck window as i was turning to step out/down. it was bright and i started to saw two small lines in sky... my first thought is it was a weird reflection in my window glass. i was parked south and my body was facing south west as i moved to exit out of my truck down from my truck to the ground. so i stopped getting out of my truck and while standing on my running board looked again at the light/lines and shape forming without being obstructed by the auto glass, i realized that i was really seeing two bright smoky/misty lines of light being formed right in front of my eyes. i could hardly believe what i was seeing. it was amazing. i stepped out of my truck and walked a few steps away from my truck to again verify what i was seeing - the two lines of light were getting longer as the object? was moving south from a south west direction. while the lines were getting longer - a conical shape was starting to form from what seemed to be a mist or smoke so it looked like a triangle v was forming behind /between the lines. it was a that moment i realize that at the front of the v shape there was not a bright light leading the line lights (there was space between the two lines of light at that center point of the v in the front - they did not meet at the point because something was there even though you could not see it. i know because the darkness made the starlight disappear as the v lights grew. the strange sight seemed like it was heading slightly downward at first, but i think that was an illusion as i realize it was heading away from me going from southwest to a more southern direction. the light was only coming from the lines and the light from the lines were illuminating the smoke/mist even brighter. at that point, i was thinking, no one is going to believe me and i should grab my iphone and see if i could take a picture. i took few steps back to my truck and reached into grab my phone. when i final found it i tried to take a video and only snapped two pictures by accident - at this point the lights from the lines were fading and the smoke/mist started to form more wide bands of cloud like structures instead of distinct lines of light - eventually forming one large mass of smoke/mist. i tried to switch to video mode - but there was not enough light to get the video to record. by that time, the cloud/light faded completely and what ever was causing this was gone and all the light faded as well. my two pictures show the very end when things and i can send the better of the two if you would like but it looks like a triangle smudge of specks of light. i went inside my house after it disappeared, let my dogs out to potty and then back in. i then went back out by my parked truck and looked at the sky area again for any other weird stuff, cloud like leftovers or other lights and everything seemed back to normal for what i see in that part of the sky. i scanned the rest of my sky view all around me looking for anything else out of the ordinary and started to get cold as the temp here is 24 degrees. i went in and immediately went on my computer googling to see if others from colorado might have seen what i saw when i came across this site and saw two other people described the same kind of thing v shaped line lights in ca and az tonight. i would not have typed all this in normally, but i feel like maybe we did see something different today. i know that spacex was doing their thing today, but realize that all that was happening earlier in the day but have thought that it could be connected in some way to what we have seen or heard about yet. all i know is i have never seen anything like it and honestly never thought i would be documenting a unidentified object like this in my life. i am excited, curious beyond belief, amazed and would love to know someday what it is i saw. we do have quite a few military bases here in colorado so it could be something connected with them, it could have been something connected with spacex - the tesla crashing to earth ;)- or just the weirdest meteor trail ever seen in my life - hard to believe since there was no bright center leading object visible. but it is a large universe and there are still many things we have yet to learn.

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