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Arizona (United States)

Sighted on Friday 16. February 2018
Reported on
Shape: N, A | Duration: 01:59:00

I do not know if i was dreaming or if truly had an encounter of the fourth kind( i am in law school so believe me i am not looking for any kind of attention or publicity). i was in my bed laying down getting ready to sleep when there was a big vibration at my home(and i know this is true because when i woke up i some of my belongings were knocked down). i ignored the vibration and went to sleep when i suddenly felt my body shake very hard and tense up, i was paralyzed and couldn’t move. what i remember is me trying to move my body and to turn the ceiling lights on because i was very afraid of something but it was if my body was tied down by gravity. what i believe i saw were some humanoid(what we know as greys) and or reptilian being that we’re surrounding me doing who knows what. it was as if i was conscious of what was going on but my eye sight was very cloudy. i felt my body shake again and become very tight and all of a sudden i could move my body and wake up. what i remember is hearing my truck and neighbors cars alarms going off and my body was very soar. i have been watching movies, videos, and stories about aliens just like everyone else does so i believe i might have just been having a nightmare but i am posting this because it felt very real to me. again i am not looking for positive and or negative attention/publicity i am posting this mostly to make me relax a bit because i am still a little scared. please do not ask me more about the story this is all that i know of, it all took place in phoenix arizona.

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