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Lynchburg Rd, Winchester, TN, USA

Sighted on Tuesday 06. March 2018
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 20 min

I was at work working 3rd shift, a resident and I went out to smoke a cigarette around 10pm. We were talking and she said do you see that thing in the sky? So I turned around to look and I saw a triangle shaped object with red and white lights on it. It kept going back and forth over the area, it was hard to hear it until it got close one time. Then you could hear it. It would go way down behind the trees about a 1/2 a mile or so away and then we couldn't see it anymore. Then it would appear again at the other end of the neighborhood. Sometime it would just stop and hover. I called the police because it was alarming, they still haven't came so not sure if they thought I was crazy or what. We know we saw and as I was on the phone it moved in the sky out towards the country and then it disappeared. Like it somehow knew I called the police.

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