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Between Yuma and Gila Bend, Arizona, USA

Sighted on Wednesday 14. March 2018
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Shape: Round | Duration: 1-2 mins

We were driving my daughter and I when we first noticed a white pulsating light off the road about the height of a cell phone tower. Thought it was nothing as we came up to it a sudden orange orb appeared above it quite a bit higher. It went in a line making orange like littler lights behind it. Kinda like a coment goes but they were individual lights. It did about 10 then moved down and did another 7-10 littler orange light back the opposite direction . then the first line just disappeared. Then the second line of lights just burst into agreenish flash of light and it was gone. Sariest thing Ive ever seen. If I didnt believe, Ido now.

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