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Tequesta, FL Looking due West at the sunset

Sighted on Saturday 17. March 2018
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Shape: Two different shapes , triangular w/sharp point, and long and cylindrical, moving slowly low on the horizon | Duration: 5 minutes

It was a beautiful day with no humidity, sir you could see far. My home is on a river and faces West, so there can be beautiful sunsets. I was taking pictures with my iPhone of the sunset, which I usually post on Facebook for my friends, when I noticed a white object above and right of the sunset. It was moving and resembled a small part of a Jet contrail but needed something stronger to see it better. I grabbed my binoculars and noticed it was more triangular and stationary. Someone called my cellphone, so I put down the binoculars to take the call. After my conversation, I grabbed my binoculars and was attempting to focus back on the object when I noticed a much bigger object that was lower on the horizon. This object was at least 10 times bigger and moving parallel to the ground. It was more cylindrical in shape and looked to be as big a multiple city blocks. It moved slowly to the south and then after a couple of minutes, reversed its direction and moved slowly to the north ! I took my eyes off it to look at the other object, which was still stationary and higher up on the horizon. Both objects became harder to see as the light from the sun got darker and darker! Neither objects had any discernible lights and were both very far away !

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