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Ridgeway, Virginia (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 17. April 2018
Reported on
Shape: N, A | Duration: 02:00:00

I was watching t.V. waiting for it to get dark, the night before i had seen some strange lights. i actually left my house to go to the place my wife works to see if i could show her from where she works, to no success. once it became dark enough to see a bright star i began to go outside to see if the lights were back, and they were. we observed 2 within the first 15 minutes of being outside. then we see a couple more within the hour, it's very cold outside so we went inside to put on thicker clothes and hats/gloves. once back outside we see a few planes go by and wait about 10 minutes then she grabs me and says look look look its moving, i reply with the trees are just moving across it. i soon realize it is moving it really os... it moves on a straight line from a still position then it stops, my wife verbally requests it to keep moving if it is real and it moves again after she requests its movement. she grabs my arm they're taking both of us if they come down here, i laugh you can't be screaming and freaking out if they do i say. we see several more in the next hour or so we are outside then decide to go inside. we lay on the couch talking about what we have seen my wife gets dead tired shortly after and falls straight to sleep. she is constantly moving and twitching in her sleep and actually makes me feel uncomfortable. i ignore it start watching tv again thinking i'm just being paranoid. about an hour later she wakes up covered in sweat and burning up. she takes of her pants and sox and lays back down but stays awake and we talk for a few moments. nearly an hour later she jumps up and points to the window i see a brief moment of a light float pass our living room window with no sound, we see lights all the time pass our window but it's from the cars on the road and you can hear them easily. the light we viewed was to close to be a vehicle of any kind and was moving in a fluent hovering motion and was right outside the window. we brush it off after a few minutes and lay back down on the couch approximately 30 minutes later my wife jumps sits up says she's scared and she is trembling staring out the window. i get her to calm down at this point i feel very strange my heart starts pounding and i feel stuck to the couch almost paralyzed i woke up at 3am severely parched and very hot, i decide to go to the store to get us some green tea, when i return home we eat a bite and decide to go to bed. we woke up today and my wife's complaining almost crying about her stomach hurting once i wake up i realize my stomach hurts very bad i feel like vomiting and i had a hard time keeping my balance and concentration, but started feeling better after a few hours.


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