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Muenster, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 11. August 2018
Reported on
Shape: Egg | Duration: 00:00:04

I was driving east on us 82 approximately 4 miles east of muenster, texas at 4:45 a.M. i observed the object through the front windshield, and then the right window as it traveled from south to north with a slight east to west bearing. the cloud cover was approximately 1000 feet. the object was glowing bright green, best described as a sickly biohazard green. it lit up that area of the sky. i could see the object fly in and out of the bottom of the clouds, as they were jagged. it traveled on a straight horizontal path. when it was behind the clouds, it lit them up from behind. the speed was much faster than a modern fighter jet. much faster than a passenger plane or helicopter could fly. it was faster than a high altitude meteorite, which it wasn't, due to its horizontal flight path. it was round but as an egg on its side. it left a short, but lighter, green trail behind it. i observed the object for several seconds until it disappeared in thicker cloud cover. i could see the glow in the clouds for approximately 1 second longer to my north. it covered approximately 90 degrees of my 360 in those few seconds. i have never seen anything unusual in the sky in my life. i felt compelled to share this because it was so obvious that it was not an aircraft or meteorite, although it did seem to have a steady flight path. nothing else was observed.

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