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Sonora, California (United States)

Sighted on Monday 15. October 2018
Reported on
Shape: N, A | Duration: 00:00:05

It was a beautiful day yesterday on our northern california ranch. not a cloud in the sky. for some reason i was so compelled to be outside. this is unusual for me. at approximately 4pm i was on the phone with my mother in law. i was standing on our front patio which is off the master bedroom at the opposite end of the house where my husband and three young children were. i heard this weird rumble. i started to look around and then whoosh! right over my head i felt this ship go right over me with such a force. it wasn’t a normal jet noise. it was completely invisible. again there were no clouds! i ran around the corner were my family was and they were all completely freaked out. we heard two loud gunshots after that. we have a neighbor who is a little off his rocker and a native american. i should probably ask him what he was shooting at. possibly the sky. we seemed to be the only ones who exerpienced this. it doesn’t surprise me though. i have had many sightings and experiences. this scares the pants off me though. it was a rough night sleep to say the least. i just want to stress how massive this thing was. i could feel the weight and shape of it. i didn’t have to see it. it was like a giant rectangular flat ship and left us trembling. i am a born again spirit filled believer and i do know that the name of jesus is powerful. darkness must flee at his name. i’m not claiming to know these are fallen beings and their ships. for all i know it could be government. i’ve never shared any of my experiences and sightings before now. but this was one was so unique i had to share.

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