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Tampa, Florida (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 04. October 2018
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 00:00:20

I am a security guard who spends a lot of time outside. on that night, six parking lot lights at my post went out. i don’t know if this is related to the object, but i do know that the resulting darkness probably enabled me to see the object. i was walking and looking up when i saw the object flying overhead, very low, with no lights or sound whatsoever. i could make out a vague triangular shape or semi- upright cone. it was moving very fast and in a straight line. keep in mind that the object was dark against a dark sky. have never seen a plane fly at night without lights, and it didn’t have definitive wings. not to mention, it was quite small compared to a plane. i was also struck by the lack of sound. i chased it for no more than ten seconds or so until i lost sight of it over a tree line. i should add that there is an airport very nearby. i often see planes taking off and landing. however, this object was not flying in the direction that the planes take off and land. its direction was more perpendicular to the airport flight path. my feelings were not fearful. it was more of a feeling of awe. i even chased it until i lost sight. i told the story to somebody, and he suggested it could have been some kind of military plane doing something “top secret” which could explain that it had no lights. do military planes these days have such technology? are military planes able to fly without lights and without sound? i genuinely would like to know. if it was not a ufo, it was still a very striking experience. sorry, i didn’t have enough time to get a picture or video.

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