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Autryville, North Carolina (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 23. October 2018
Reported on
Shape: Bullet, Missile | Duration: 00:02:00

I was smoking a cigarette like i always do at home around 7 pm. when i heard loud helicopter coming from the east, i looked up and the helicopter was following another unknown object in the sky. the object in front had no lights on it and was at a higher altitude than the helicopter. the helicopter had spotlight on towards the object yet it was dark outside so hard to see, but the other aircraft didn't make a sound or it was drowned out by the helicopter noise. the only reason i noticed that it was following was because of the moons reflection of of the cloud cover. the object was tube shaped with no lights. i tried to take a video but the only thing that could be seen was the helicopter lights because of the darkness. i've had another ufo sighting when i was a child with my parents that freaked me out and parents calmed me down even though i could tell they were as freaked out as i was. this was a different sighting compared to that. as i would have never seen it unless the helicopter was following it. i live near fort bragg and my parents told me the earlier sighting when i was young was probably their own test aircrafts, yet i've lived here all my life and never seen anything like this until tonight.. the really weird thing about my old sighting was that it was in the local fayetteville news and observer the next day with an excerpt that sayed mystery lights up sky and phones. several people called police to report that sighting but no other information ever came out since then. i just wanted to report what i saw tonight because it was really weird especially with military helicopter following it. any ideas or suggestions it could be for this sighting perhaps military training etc. i live about 25 miles from ft bragg in the country rural area. i wish i could have taken the video earlier but it was going on a straight path toward fayetteville area. it may be nothing but i know i saw an odd object up there with a helicopter following. thanks for your time

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