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Centerville, Tennessee (United States)

Sighted on Friday 02. November 2018
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration:

I was leaving for work about 615 am live in a a densely wooded rural area and the are no lights few houses. went to get in my car and i saw through the trees this huge band of bright sparkling bright lights the whole area was glowing with the sparkleing lights and just below the band was just a stream of white light looked almost like daylight yet it was pitch black nothing to the left of the area or to the right just this whole area was engulfed it the brightest lights i have ever seen. when i first saw it i was like wow where are this coming from there is no industry, homes etc just farm land and the duck river. i thought it was beautiful and i had to go to work and just drove away, it stayed in the same place. this is not the first time i and my family have seen things. one year all the cows were moaning my dog i was walking started barking and i looked up at what looked like a low full moon a huge round bright light and the all of a sudden it just took off in a split second but its presence definitely affected the animal in the area. this is the first time i decided to report an incident there have been others besides these two but thought i must just be imagining or making more of something that has an explanation but the one this morning was way beyond belief wish i would have had more time to observe

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