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Zagreb (Croatia)

Sighted on Tuesday 30. October 2018
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 00:30:00

I don’t know what to think about this… seriously i never believed ufo and aliens could be real. i just thought we were alone in the universe… but really the things i saw yesterday really changed my mind completely. it was approximately 7.56 pm and i was in nama in zagreb near the square. i was just like… minding my business you know… just looking at cute animals and stuff like that… and then i heard a noise… at the beginning i thought… ok probably somebody farted upstairs… it’s normal in nama because there are so many old people there… but no it was not that… how did i know? how could i be so sure?? because i didn’t smell anything… so i went outside nama… just with my head because i was holding some cute doll in my hands… and i saw something in the sky… omg… omg… omg…. is it actually safe to write these things here??… omg… maybe i should just stop and not write anything anymore… anyway i will write… i saw something in the sky… like some circular thing… looking like some circular thing. it was… like… so round. like… really… how can i say. just round. and i thought… first thing… wtf is that shit? but then i realized omg. i didn’t pay this doll i have in my hands!!! so i went back in nama to pay very fast… and then i went back out… and the thing was not there anymore… but a lot of people were talking about it… i mean… i don’t speak croatian, so i think they were talking about that… i mean i am pretty sure. so i went back inside nama to see if they had some soap for the washing machine… and i saw something really weird… like in the socks department… like some very tall thing… omg… omg… so i was a bit curious and i went very close hiding myself behind some plants… and a hello kitty doll i found there… i was nervous so i farted a bit... and i saw one thing which i think it was some alien… it was very tall, grey and green skin… no hair… big eyes… and i was like omg does anybody see this shit? and i went to call some security people and they went to the alien… but they said… he’s just buying some socks… we cannot say anything… we don’t have laws against those things… omg… so i went closer and i noticed this creature was buying some orange socks and i went very silent and…. without making any noise… i went a bit closer… and then i said… boooooom…. and the alien freak out completely and he started to shit himself… and then i ran away and i don’t remember anymore… but really i hope the aliens don’t have internet to read this report… omg.

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