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Angleton, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 03. November 2018
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 00:10:00

*in my bedroom with tv on (muted) and on my ipad. *loud deep trumpet noise with a sizzling noise & lost electricity for about 10 seconds, i decided to look out my window to see if there may be a problem with the electric transformer which is outside my fence, saw nothing in that direction (left of my vision nnw) when something bright caught my attention (north) and i saw two very bright pulsating lights in the sky above the tree line (there is a pasture between my house and the tree line). *i thought maybe was two helicopters but immediately nealuzed the lights were too bright and the colors of the lights were mostly white and pulsating blue & green along with the white light being predominant. *two objects in the sky above the tree line with very bright lights hovering and then slowly moving to be side by side and moving one above the other (like one was circling the other). the lights were extremely bright. i went out on my patio with binoculars (lights were too bright to see clearly what the objects were) so i decided to video this with my ipad . there was no sound at all. they continued the hovering and movements for ten minutes. the two objects were above the tree line (actually beyond the tree line) in the sky. the bright lights were too bright and big in size to be a helicopter. (i have been up close and have filed on a big helicopter).... *i was very curious as to what these two objects could possibly be. i couldn’t take my eyes away from them except to look through the binoculars and to get my ipad so i could video this. i was cautious, curious and level headed. i was aware that what i was seeing was unusual in addition to the loud sound i had heard and with the electricity lost at same time and then seeing these two objects in the sky. *the object on the left began to fade and then disappeared and about 15 seconds later the object on the right blinked out.

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