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Grayson, Kentucky (United States)

Sighted on Friday 02. November 2018
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 00:05:00

I was sitting in the living room, probably 30 + feet from the garage( second living room) where my step dad and mom sleep. i was on the phone when my step dad called me and asked me to come there for a moment. so without any rush whatsoever, i mean, it probably took me a good minute to get out there, well, when i did he asked me to look out side, said there was a light in the hill adjacent to our house, he thought it was coon hunters, well i step outside and there’s a ufo, it wasn’t a plane, i’ve seen plenty of planes, been on them since i was 5, it just hovered there, then it started moving, but really really slowly, it had two ginormous lights to the side of it like a plane but another one beneath it, not behind it like the lights on a stabilizer. and they never turned off, just, i don’t know. pulsed. of course the picture is terrible, but i’d say it’s a lot harder to photograph planes at night. the sound was faint and buzzing, see we have hills all around us, like a bowl, so planes are anything but quiet. i took the picture, but i was trying to videotape it, but i just got a new phone so i don’t know how to work it really. then after fiddling with my phone, i looked up and it was gone. thank you for listening guys. i just didn’t know who to tell. oh and my step dad saw it as well, he said he was watching it for a good moment, that’s why he thought it was hunters.

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