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Boca Raton, Florida (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 07. November 2018
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 00:02:00

To: mufon november 10, 2018 page 1 of 2 my name is rudi thyn and i am a 64-year old male residing in boca raton, florida. i am reaching out to you to share a recent experience regarding an unidentified craft. most evenings i sit by the pool in my backyard between the hours of 9 and 10 pm. i relax for an hour or so listening to soft music and star gaze using my phone app to identify stars, constellations, etc. my wife joins me sometimes and we spot satellites, talk about the universe and re-share our “ufo” sightings of the past. on november 7, 2018, i was enjoying my typical stargazing. this particular evening, i was focused on pleiades and nearby and beyond stars. you know, the longer you fixate on an area the more stars become visible albeit faint and looking like dots. as i remained fixated in this area it seemed as if the pleiades cluster suddenly grew by 3, 4 or five dots. in fact, i thought my fixation had caused me to get crossed eyed as the faint stars appeared to multiply. as i kept looking, i realized the dots were in a perfect horizontal row and now appeared like a short string of evenly spaced beads (faint small dots of light). what’s more the beads were moving in unison across the night sky! it was very confusing for a few seconds my mind did not compute what i was seeing. after a few seconds i could see that the night sky became obscured below and somewhat forward of the light beads as the entire row of them moved. i realized then that an entire “shadow” was moving below and in front of the string of lights (4-5 dots). they were “drifting” horizontally from left to right (north to south). by now i could clearly make out a straight solid “ridge” above the entire length of the lights and somewhat beyond, but the areas below and fore were diffused, and i could not discern the entire shape. it was clearly a craft, completely black, no running lights whatsoever. the lights appeared to be “windows” not under carriage lights. it did seem to be shaped either like a chevron or else triangular, but i can’t be certain because it was so diffused and stealthy. whatever this craft is, it is not meant to be seen. i just happened to coincidentally be focused and fixated in that area when i spotted it. in my opinion there is no way a person can see it under normal viewing circumstances. the craft appeared to float across the night sky (no sound of course, it may have been too far to hear). i attempted to take a picture but the phone camera screen appeared pitch black, so i decided to speed dial and called my wife, and she and my youngest son ran out in an attempt to see it, but by then it had flown/drifted over and behind the street light and although i could still discern it moving there was no way they could, the street light washed out the little beads that i could barely still see until even i couldn’t see them anymore. here are some measurements using a little trigonometry and scaling to give you some facts of its approximate location, speed and size: location: lat 26° 23’ 37.32” long 80° 03’ 51.63” flight path: it traveled north to south along the atlantic coast line time and speed: it traversed between 21:37 to 21:39 across approx. 2 miles ground view angle: ~ 40° ground distance to coastline: ~ 7,500 approx altitude: of ~ 6,000 feet distance from viewer: ~ 10,000 feet approx scaled size: ~ 500 – 1,000 feet in length (can’t be sure because of diffused terminus) page 2 of 2 november 10, 2018 rudi thyn other: see attached sketch • it was within 2-3 miles of the boca raton executive airport • it was approx ½ way between cape canaveral and the key west air force base. • it was just southeast of the wpb regional airport • it’s path also included the fort lauderdale airport and further south the miami international airport. it seems logical that any of these facilities would pick it up on radar? i think definitely! because if not, then it is a truly “invisible” craft. wow! generally, this was a disturbing experience, mostly because it is unexplained to me. i became excited and nervous and haven’t been able to let go of this experience yet. i’ll be working or doing whatever when suddenly i get that butterfly feeling and see it vividly in my mind, over and over. what makes it so profound for me, is that this craft was real, i wasn’t watching a movie or an illustration in a book! i now have my own “eye witnessed” evidence that there exists an alternate reality regarding stealth craft. i am more convinced, that we, hopefully, america and its allies have very advanced “ufo” technology! if it were alien, my biggest question will be why? there doesn’t seem to be any purpose to fly such a craft on any given evening across the atlantic coast line, because . . . what? i would accept a military flight. maybe still developing the technology, that these are technology enhancing test flights? patrolling? do you have any knowledge or information of this craft? i look forward to hearing from you. thank you very much. sincerely, rudi thyn [email protected]

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