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Thomaston, CT (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 27. December 2018
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Shape: saucer | Duration: 1 minute

Rt. 8, Thomaston, CT just past exit 40. I was traveling Northbound on Rt 8 in Thomaston, CT. As I entered the entrance #39 (exit 39) I noticed what I thought was a plane. It appeared to be too large to be a plane, in fact it appeared to be two experimental aircraft of some sort connected, maybe fueling one another mid air. I was wrong as I approached, it was hovering, then it made a very slow and steady decent. I was less than 1/4 mile from it while I noticed it's massive size of 150 feet across, maybe even 200 feet. It had 4 incredibly bright lights or high energy anti gravity thrusters glowing as high energy makes photons glow. Shortly after I lost the location of the craft when I zoomed in, the craft landed on an uninhabited area of the mountain on the south bound side of rt 8 . We have a very large mountain range here, and even in the mountain behind my home, I believe these beings are living in the mountain as I caught them on tape. I have also found a way to be able to capture them when cloaked enough so you could see they are there and moving. They are quick and they have the ability to defy gravity much better than we do probably because their home planet has more gravity than ours does. I couldn't pick up the image from my phone through my windshield, as if it had some sort of UV range cloak (due to the protective glass), but the phone's camera picked it up out the window nicely until I lost it once I zoomed in the best I could. I apologize, I wanted to get closer to see it better by driving and it messed up the whole experience, but it is certainly a genuine film and completely untouched or edited other than the compression that Youtube needs to add to post it. I am not a pro with camera, but I saw another bright orange UFO at a couple mile distance next to 2 aircraft, probably 20 times the size of the airplanes. This ufo and the other did NOT have blinking lights as all aircraft are required. I caught a view of this on my way south bound in Waterbury 30 minutes later ,. rising up slowly and when it hit the approximate altitude of 4000 feet, it seemed to just shut it's lights off and disappear, but I saw a streak headed out of our atmosphere into space so fast I couldn't track it with my eyes. I did NOT get this on film because I thought it was a star until I noticed how cloudy it was and there were no visible stars in the sky.


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