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Ohio (United States)

Sighted on Monday 14. January 2019
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 02:04:00

As a father of two young boys age 3 and 5 i often find myself pitting a good night's work in at our ranch throughout the week as i enjoy spending time with them during normal daytime hours. since july of 2018 i have noticed heavy activity in the skys above have been taking place in spurts which i have yet to figure out a pattern. i will share any and all pics. also,i will explain in detail the most recent activity being fresh on my mind.. on jan 14th 2019 i was awoke on my living room couch at between 3 and 4am. the first thing i noticed was that big glowing ball of many colors i'm sure many of you have seen or heard of. this was not the first time this thing has hung out. as i approached the window it had moved back behind a tree as if it were going to hide from me. after a few minutes of observation an object had been releases from either in front of, behind or inside of this object that was flashing extremely rapidly and dipped into the woods traveling up,down left right, zigzag rapidly before fading out. meanwhile the original craft was making its way north and did this slowly with a few detours along the way. eventually it had dipped down in valley behind our property that our government had so coincidentally acquired in the last couple of years and was no longer in site. i was about to head back to bed when i saw the light coming through the trees. however, instead of being every color known to man it was simply a red and white flash. but, what really the me for the loop was that it ascended in a pyramid shape and eventually faded into the sky. since then i have other events and photos as well as video.

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