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Stephensville / Morgan City, LA (United States)

Sighted on Friday 17. May 2019
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Shape: Cigar | Duration: 3 - 4 Minutes

What I saw was Cigar shaped, Fluorescent Orange & Brighter at Both Ends, Positioned Horizontally & Slowly Moving East. It was around lunch time with clear skies (no clouds what so ever) & it was Brighter than Anything I've Ever seen in the sky on a clear day! It must have been far from me because it was small, but the shape & brightness of the color made it hard to miss. It caught my attention as a helicopter was flying low over my house & as I looked up at it I saw the object. I was facing South looking in the direction of the Gulf of Mexico. I looked at it for about 3 minutes as it slowly moved East. Then the brightness of it started to dim, almost like it was about to disappear when it turned facing away from me and away from Earth & toward SPACE... Then it Disappeared. It was gone in a split second, so fast that my husband wasn't fast enough to look in the direction of the object to see it before it was gone. He is the only person who knows what I saw & he believes me. He knows I don't make up stuff or lie. Most of my friends & family don't believe in such things so that's why I haven't told anyone else. I don't know what it was or what to believe, but now I'm a little more open minded when it comes to UFO sightings! If anyone else has seen something similar over South Louisiana I'd love to know! Thanks for listening.

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