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Herman, Minnesota (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 15. May 2019
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 00:01:00

I work nights as a semi driver i started my trip about 9:30 pm and as i entered the small town about 10:15 pm traveling west 2 blocks before the 4 way stop i observed 3 large round lights approaching from the south i was going under 20 mph slowing for the stop sign my window was open they appeared suddenly because they were low upon later comparison i estimated them to be just above the light on the city water tower the lights were in a row and very bright i thought a plane at first but i couldn't see the craft i stopped the truck and jumped out as it passed overhead i noticed the lights were in a triangle formation the lights were 50 ft apart and it made no sound at the time i was only a few feet from my running truck but a plane or helicopter that altitude should have been loud and there were no other lights like planes have red/blue white strobe as it proceeded north i ran down a to the middle of a gravel lot to get a better look but i couldn't see the craft the lights were very bright and still no sound i ran back to my truck and proceeded west as i knew as soon as i got out of town i could stop again and see because it nothing but farm field for miles when i reached the edge of town approx. 3 min later the lights were gone i looked for about 5 min and never saw them they were heading due north when i left the stop sign i could see them they had only traveled about a half mile so i was sure i'd see them but they were gone i couldn't tell if had landed because in that area there are many big farms with yard lights grain elevators i do not believe it was a crop plane they;re loud and small wrong time of year for them too slow for a jet no noise for a helicopter maybe a drone of some sort but i've never saw one except on tv no military bases in this location this was so strange because i didn't see wings or anything beyond the lights the lights of the small town should have silhouetted the craft but it appeared translucent there were thunderstorms in the area i could see lightning to the north way off in the distance the craft was heading north toward the storms to the south the sky was clear i'm not sure what it was i saw last night i am open minded to the subject of ufo's and do believe this was one i've worked this stretch of highway for 10 years and have never saw anything like this before.

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