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Woodville, ME

Sighted on Tuesday 04. September 2012
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Shape: Light | Duration: short

Bright light chasing flying squirrel at night!I put wildlife camera out by my feeder for couple nights. One night it took photo of four lights tied together about two feet off ground then it flew up toward my shed took another photo [9 feet off ground] then was gone.Another night camera took photo of flying squirrel by feeder six in all and there was a round bright light which seem to go where ever the squirrel went then was gone.I have the photos and would like to show them to someone who my be interested and help me see what this may be?

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Orrington, Maine (United States) 2017-04-29 Triangle 00:25:00
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Bangor, Maine (United States) 2016-01-15 Flash Undisclosed
Undisclosed, Maine (United States) 2016-01-07 Star-like Undisclosed
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Newburgh, ME 2016-01-01 Light 1 minute
Bradford, Maine (United States) 2015-11-28 Sphere Undisclosed
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Bangor, Maine (United States) 2015-09-25 Sphere Undisclosed
Millinocket, Maine (United States) 2015-09-05 Boomerang 01:16:00
York and other Areas in S, Maine (United States) 2015-08-15 Star-like Undisclosed
Undisclosed, Maine (United States) 2015-08-07 Cylinder Undisclosed
Orrington, Maine (United States) 2015-08-03 Star-like 00:15:00
Undisclosed, Maine (United States) 2015-08-02 Circle Undisclosed
Somersworth NH border, Maine (United States) 2015-07-18 Sphere Undisclosed
Newport, ME 2015-07-07 Cigar 3 minutes
Topsfield, ME 2015-07-04 Oval 2 minutes
Bangor, Maine (United States) 2015-07-01 Sphere Undisclosed
Orrington, Maine (United States) 2015-06-13 Diamond 00:02:00
Argyle, Maine (United States) 2015-06-04 Circle Undisclosed
Medford, ME 2015-06-04 Circle 1 minute
Exeter, ME 2015-05-30 Cylinder 5
Undisclosed, Maine (United States) 2015-05-24 Cone Undisclosed
Bangor, ME 2015-05-05 Light
Bangor, Maine (United States) 2015-04-20 Sphere 00:16:00
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Bangor, ME 2015-03-24 Other
Undisclosed, Maine (United States) 2015-02-22 Boomerang Undisclosed
Orrington, ME 2015-01-28 Fireball 3 seconds
Bangor, Maine (United States) 2015-01-17 Blimp 00:00:30
Brewer, ME 2014-12-22 Fireball 15 minutes
Bangor, ME 2014-12-18 Chevron 20 seconds
Carmel, Maine (United States) 2014-11-22 Sphere 00:15:00
Eddington, ME 2014-10-25 Light 30+ minutes
Bangor, ME 2014-10-24 Triangle 45 seconds
Bangor, ME 2014-10-24 Rectangle ~1 minute
Undisclosed, Maine (United States) 2014-10-17 Circle Undisclosed
Greenville, ME 2014-10-12 Light unknown
Allagash Me, Maine (United States) 2014-09-25 Disc 00:25:00
Greenville, Maine (United States) 2014-09-20 Circle Undisclosed
Lincoln, Maine (United States) 2014-08-10 N, A Undisclosed
Lincoln, Maine (United States) 2014-07-31 Cigar Undisclosed
Guilford, Maine (United States) 2014-06-27 Star-like 00:05:00
Saint Stephen, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-04-17 Boomerang Undisclosed
Bangor, Maine (United States) 2014-02-22 Star-like Undisclosed
Downeast, ME 2014-01-28 Circle 7 minutes
Hermon, ME 2014-01-25 Triangle 2+ minutes
Temple (Canada), NB 2013-12-07 Light 2 minutes
Holden, ME 2013-11-20 Triangle 60 seconds
Undisclosed, Maine (United States) 2013-10-10 Triangle Undisclosed
Orrington, ME 2013-10-02 Changing 10 minutes
Bangor, Maine (United States) 2013-09-10 Sphere Undisclosed
Maine (southeast), ME 2013-09-08 Fireball 5 seconds
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Bangor, Maine (United States) 2013-08-25 Sphere Undisclosed
Dover/Foxcroft, ME 2013-08-11 Circle 5 minutes
Amherst, ME 2013-08-11 Circle 5 minutes
Holden, ME 2013-08-11 Oval 10 minutes
Bangor, ME 2013-08-03 Sphere 1+ hour
Orrington, ME 2013-07-28 Circle 5-10 minutes
Debec (Canada), NB 2013-07-13 Rectangle on going
Houlton, ME 2013-06-21 Fireball 5 minutes
Houlton, ME 2013-06-21 Fireball 5 minutes
Bangor, ME 2013-06-17 Light 1 minute
Bangor, Maine (United States) 2013-06-04 Oval Undisclosed
Eddington, ME 2013-05-19 Cigar 1 minute
Exeter, Maine (United States) 2013-04-27 Boomerang, Circle, Fireball, Triangle Undisclosed
Patten, ME 2013-04-06 Light 15 minutes
Bangor, Maine (United States) 2013-03-26 Sphere 00:10:00
Bangor, ME 2013-03-26 Light 1 minute
, ME 2013-03-22 Triangle 15 seconds
Piscataquis Co. (T9 R11 WELS), ME 2013-02-22 Fireball ~45 minutes
Old Town, ME 2013-01-08 Light 25 minutes
Dexter, Maine (United States) 2013-01-07 Sphere Undisclosed
Bangor, ME 2012-12-25 Fireball 15 minutes
woterboro, Maine (United States) 2012-12-17 Triangle 00:01:00
Sts Albans, ME 2012-11-22 Fireball Few seconds
Houlton, ME 2012-11-19 Teardrop 30 minutes +
Kenduskeag, ME 2012-11-06 Fireball 3-4 seconds
Orono, ME 2012-11-05 Circle 3 minutes
Endfield, ME 2012-10-26 Fireball 2 minutes
Orrington, ME 2012-10-23 Sphere 1 hour
Brewer, ME (United States) 2012-10-13 bright globe shap comming out of orrington me passed over about one min. while it was passing over it shot a beem of light to the ground it made no sound and sped up and was only 100 ft over me i got a good look and will never forget
Bangor, ME 2012-09-17 Light one hour
Parkman, ME 2012-08-14 Triangle few minutes
Bangor, ME 2012-08-13 Light 2 minutes