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Fort Yates, ND

Sighted on Thursday 12. August 2004
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 3 hours

UFO charged couple, raced at them and played with them for a few hours.Hi Im from north dakota. my friend got footage the other night of a UFO. It's the real deal (I never thought Id write that) at least, its something Ive never seen before. His wife and kids were all with him at the time and they got really upset/scared. He said they flashed the car lights at it and it flew straight at them. After a couple of hours of hovering about he followed it as it started to leave towards the pow-wow grounds and (he lives about 1 mile out of our small town) it zoomed straight up and disappeared. His wife Mary Rose got really upset at him because he had the video cam in one hand and a sword in the other (dont ask me)...She was hollering at him to get outta the field but he has it all on a dvd now. He told me about this 2 nights ago and he has showed several people already. He asked me to try to contact someboday regarding this to get out there. I have no idea who to contact, or write? He is interested in selling it to real tv or the like. the local stations in Bismarck say they are not interested but they want him to bring it in to view asap.

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