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Wakpala, South Dakota (United States)

Sighted on Monday 07. August 2017
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Shape: Disc | Duration: 00:00:40

Our daughter and i were taking a walk in the prairies surrounding our house on highway 1806. we stopped at a spot where i was taking pictures of my daughter on a rock and trying to make her smile. i did not notice at the time the ufo. there was no sound, no obvious change. when we were reviewing the four photos we noticed the ufo.. on the photo 1 the ufo is above our daughter's head in the clouds but very visible as i am guessing it was stationary. on the second photo the ufo moved slightly to the right but still clearly visible. on the third photo is when the ufo is moving towards me on the sky and this is depicted by how it is now bigger but a bit blurry. on the fourth photo, there is no trace of the ufo as it must have disappeared above our heads. the whole thing took about 30-40 seconds as i was taking back to back photos of our daughter trying to make her smile. i was preoccupied with her as i was trying to get a good picture so did not notice the ufo at the time.


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