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Ripley, NY

Sighted on Sunday 10. October 2004
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 15 min

7 red/orange stationary objects appeared over Lake Erie on 10/10/04 for 15 minutes and then all disappeared at once.Traveling on Route 20 west, 2 miles from Erie PA. Sunday , Oct 10, 2004, I was driving my friend observed these bright red/orange circular objects. 5 were in a semi circle, equally spaced apart and not moving (appeared over Lake Erie). we saw one beind them more north east in some clouds. One more was ahead south/west. in clear blue sky. We pulled over and then another car pulled off the road in front of use to also look. They were just hanging there and not moving. We did not see any aircraft around or jets. We watched them in the blue sky as the sun was setting. It was like the objects were picking up the relection. Finally they all disappeared at once. I don't believe in UFO's. We saw something we never saw before and want to know if this was something the sun was doing. We thought for sure something this big would have been in the newspapers, but nothing. However, I was mentioning this to a friend in Toronto and they said they heard somthing about it on TV. I didn't hear anyting in the USA/

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