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Heilbronn, Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany)

Sighted on Friday 25. May 2012
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Sphere | Duration: 11:20:25

It was late eveing and there was a load noise coming from outside and everybody looking out of there windows it was a big helicopter circling around looking for something could not see the type of craft but I think it was military so I go back in the house to get my night vision bie to see if I could see if it was a police or military copter it was big and losd at that time I was looking at the helicopter I see 3 or 4 objects about 2 to 5 miles away going west 3 objects were moving and one behind it going up and down but you could not see it with your naked eyes only with the night vision and I thought strange the helicopter was looking for something to kept moving around in circles over Heilbronn the objects were over by Wartenberg Mountiana few miles away about 1200 to 5000 feet this went on for about over a half an hour with the strange helicopter flying around the lights that I saw were going west torwards Stuttgart.You could not see these objects with your eyes the first 3 objects were above each other and 1 behind them and were moving up and down too!.They wernt stars that I now for sure!!!!..The copter I think was black no lights:oH THERE WAS ANOTHER STRANGE THING ABOUT THE LIGHTS TOO THERE WERE THESE BEAMS OF LIGHT THAT WERE LIKE SEARCH LIGHTS THAT WERE SHOOTING UP INTO THE SKY A FEW OF THEM RIGHT AROUND THE STRANGE LIGHTS BUT AGIAN YOU COULD NOT SEE THE LIGHTS WITH YOUR NAKED EYES ONLY WITH NIGHT VISION!.real weird don,t know if the lights were coming from the objects or search lights....by the way I look for UFOs all the time.I,ve seen many UFOS in my life and was maybe abducted in the 70s.

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