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Owen Sound, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Saturday 20. January 1996
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 00:05:30

UFO ReportMyself and a friend had decided to go out for a ride on our snowmobiles after supper one night in Jan. / Feb. 1996. We left Mount Forest, rode to Clifford and then headed back to Mount Forest. As we were returning to Mount Forest we stopped in a large stand of maple trees for a break and to warm up (it was a cold clear night with little or no wind. I don���t think there was much of a moon out). While we were standing around talking I noticed what appeared to be really bright star (sorry can���t remember which direction). After a few minutes it started to get even brighter. At this point I thought it was a jet airplane approaching us with its landing lights on (we get a lot of airline traffic over Mount Forest as it is on the flight path from western Canada to Person International Airport in Toronto). I believe the object was within 40 ��� 45 degrees of the horizon when we first saw it. Both of us became curious as to what this was, so we walked out of the bush and into the open field in order to see it better. The object, which at first appeared to be a single point of bright white light, now appeared to be made up of several small individual lights in a cluster (maybe around 6 to 7) as it got closer to us (figure 1). The object eventually passed in front of us (moving from my left to my right when I was looking directly at it over the field). The lights however seemed to transition from being together in a cluster (figure 1) to following one behind the other as they approached our location.When the lights were directly in front of me I would say they were about 250 ��� 300 meters from our location and about 100 ��� 150 meters above the ground. We were standing on a bit of a hill with the field dropping away from us; as a result we didn���t really have to look ���up��� to see it ��� only slightly (maybe 30 ��� 40 degrees above the horizon). It was not moving real fast and it made no noise that we could hear. The individual lights were now in a row ��� one behind the other (see figure 2). There was no other apparent shape associated with these individual objects ��� just 6 or 7 small bright lights. The color of the lights was blue with a touch of white. The lights did not blink or pulsate ��� the intensity was constant. They were not bright enough to illuminate anything on the ground (the lights all looked the same). Although the lights were one behind the other, they were not all at the same height above the ground ��� there was a slight difference (maybe a couple of meters). I believe they were independent of each other (i.e., they were not part of a larger object). The ���size��� of each light appeared to be about the same as a really bright star in the night sky (yes they were round). Just before the last light went pass our location, my friend and I returned to our snowmobiles and left the area quickly. We headed away from it (it was to our back as we left) and never saw it again. We stopped just short of Mount Forest to discuss what we saw. Neither of us could figure out what is was ��� we have never seen anything like it. My friend does not like to discuss this event at all. At first we were just curious and then we became intrigued as the lights got closer (I was sure it was an airplane with its landing lights on). As the lights passed and it became obvious that is was not an airplane or anything else we could recognize, I think we both felt a little bit of concern about what we were seeing ��� so that���s when we decided to leave right away. I would say the entire time we saw the object was 5 ��� 6 minutes. It was probably sometime between 10 ��� 11 pm. I consider myself pretty familiar with the night sky and aircraft of all types. I haven���t seen anything like this object before or since. I have absolutely no idea what this was. I would have reported this sooner, but didn���t know about your website.

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