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Kelsterbach, Hessen (Germany)

Sighted on Monday 14. May 2007
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Shape: Boomerang | Duration: 00:02:30

I'm posting this over a year later now; since I wasn't too eager to talk about it in the public. I've seen formations of big orange lights before, flying stars and recently 3 orbs flying in triangle formation; but this one last year was special to me. The drawing were made right after the sighting.Sighting occurred on May 14 2007 between 01:00 AM and 01:50 AM local timeMe and a buddy saw a boomerang shaped flying object in the clear night sky; which was flying very low over my yard. My buddy saw it first. It first appeared to be a very fast moving cloud. It kinda uncloaked itself and first appeared to be transparent. Then he was able to see the small lights on the bottom (which by that time were turned on) and then was able to see whole ship, it appeared to be of a silverish color with a strong reflecting effect...like a mirror...like it was heavily polished. For a blink of an eye it recloaked and turned into a "cloud" again, but then instantly reappeared. By that time my buddy informed me what was going on; since I was looking in a different direction. The ship then reappeared near the Great Dipper. There was not a single cloud that night; so this thing caught our attention. There was a church tower near by so we figured that the object flew quite low (approx. 82 feet/25 meters). The boomerang kinda uncloaked in front of our eyes, and as soon as it had passed the Great Dipper it cloaked again and disappeared. It had a orange glow at the front, some sort of dome at the rear and some sort of lights (which were turned off) and the bottom. We were able to see it in full detail. The ship's color was silverish and the dome as well as the big lights at the bottom were appeared to be tinted (the small lights described above, where not visible any longer [turned off] ). I'd estimate the craft's wingspan was the size of at least 3 or 4 Airbus A380 Airplanes put together. The sighting didn't last long, maybe 2 minutes and a few seconds.I'd like to stay completely anonym for now; but if there are any questions or the like, please let me know by sending me an e-mail.


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