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Ompah, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Wednesday 14. August 2013
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: Undisclosed

I was with a friend star gazing on a Saturday night at my lake house and witnessed VERY bright star like object moving E to W very quickly. The object was at least 5x brighter than any other light in the sky. My friend and I didn't say anything but were both watching it and he said to me "are you watching this". I said "do you mean that very bright star like object moving E to W? Yes of course I'm watching it". To which he responded "what do you think it is?". Keeping in mind I've been going to my summer lake house for 20 years and go star/meteor/northern lights watching for as long as I can remember - I said "I don't know, it's very bright and obviously moving very quickly so it's probably a low earth orbit satellite". Then when the object was about 10degrees above the tree line it just stopped dead. My friend who was with me said "I really don't feel comfortable at all right now what the F is that". Also keep in mind that I'm much more pragmatic about these sorts of things as it's probably the 10th or 11th time I've seen something very strange in the sky like that over the years. And in 3 cases captured on camera while taking scenic or sunset pictures sometimes with multiple glowing objects moving in frame in successive pictures while they changed positions in the sky and in the camera frame. If MUFON is interested in those pictures I can dig them up off my previous digital camera. So anyway the object hovered/remained in place for about 3 mins and then dissappeared in the blink of an eye - not like winked out but just gone. Needless to say my friend was freaked out as the first time he's seen something like that and we wet back inside the house and told my dad and other friend the story. The lake I have a house on is right in the middle of the Ottawa river valley so we get some pretty extreme weather and is a major fly over point for transcontinental and regional type flights from Ottawa to Toronto so I've seen probably close to 1000 different types of planes fly over in my summers there and also hundreds of satelites, shooting stars, so I definitely know that what I saw was none of those because of the dead stop hovering for multiple minutes after it was moving very fast overhead and then just disappearing like that. The night was dead quiet and completely clear and can always hear planes ever if they are at 40,000 ft. Any questions please contact me by email provided in this report.

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