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Coe Hill, Ontario (Canada)

Sighted on Tuesday 09. January 2018
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 00:01:00

Bright night, clear, i was looking at stars, bright object flying in from west into east, much closer than the stars. no flashing lights and moving fast. i have seen them here before, it seems they come from the west or north west moving east to south east.6:15 to 6:16 am approx. could have been less time. this area has a lot of magnetite. in the 50's a man did a study "anomalies of the coe hill ,bancroft sheets." mining study in ont. canada. not sure if magnetite has anything to do with ufo's.?? anything is possible. saw the same type of star like, bright light in early spring. i was outside about 10:00 ; 10:30 pm , the light saw that i was watching, get this -- it projected to the side of it, like an opening, it's own portal, in which i saw a star system, it went into it and it disappeared. i have seen many ufo's over my life span. these are the latest 2.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Marmora, Ontario (Canada) 2016-12-04 Sphere 01:00:00
Carrying Place (Canada), ON 2016-11-27 Light 45 minutes
Belleville, ON (Canada) 2016-10-08 Round disc 2 minutes maximum (thought was a huge light at connons nursery)
Woodview, Ontario (Canada) 2016-09-30 Star-like 00:01:00
Lindsay, Ontario (Canada) 2016-09-03 Sphere 01:00:00
Belleville, ON (Canada) 2016-05-24 Humanoid Looking Figure 5 seconds
Bobcaygeon (Canada), ON 2016-05-11 Circle 2 minutes
Belleville, Ontario (Canada) 2016-05-03 Other Undisclosed
Kawartha Lakes (Canada), ON 2016-01-16 20 minutes
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Peterborough (Canada), ON 2015-08-10 Light 15
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Latchford, Ontario (United States) 2015-02-09 Bright light 10 minutes then dissappeared
Belleville, Ontario (Canada) 2014-12-08 Teardrop Undisclosed
Lindsay, Ontario (Canada) 2014-11-08 Sphere, star like flashing light. 12 am-12:11 am
Havelock (Canada), ON 2014-10-12 Light 5-10 minutes
Lakefield, Ontario (Canada) 2014-08-17 Diamond 20 minutes
Peterborough, Ontario (Canada) 2014-08-09 Fireball Undisclosed
Algonquin Highlands (Canada), ON 2014-08-05 Light 1-2 minutes
Algonquin Highlands (Canada), ON 2014-08-05 Light 1-2 minutes
Quinte West, Ontario (Canada) 2014-06-16 Circle Undisclosed
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Fenelon Falls (Canada), ON 2014-05-19 Circle 3 minutes
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Belleville, Ontario (Canada) 2014-02-10 Sphere Undisclosed
Peterborough (Canada), ON 2013-11-18 Other 30 mins in 15 min interva
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Minden, Ontario (Canada) 2013-10-22 Unknown Undisclosed
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Kawartha Lakes (City of) (Canada), ON 2013-10-09 Other 1 minute
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Lindsay, Ontario (Canada) 2013-09-10 Unknown Undisclosed
Minden Hills, Ontario (Canada) 2013-08-31 Round Brief
Arden, ON 2013-08-31 Other 1 minute
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Peterborough (Canada), ON 2013-08-24 Light 45 seconds
Ompah, Ontario (Canada) 2013-08-14 Star-like Undisclosed
Arden, ON 2013-08-13 Circle 44 seconds
Belleville (Canada), ON 2013-08-10 Light 1 minute
Trenton (Canada), ON 2013-08-01 Triangle 5 minutes
Corbyville (Canada) 2013-07-16 sphere 1 minute
Kirkfield (Canada), ON 2013-07-12 Light 4-5 minutes
Cobourg, Ontario (Canada) 2013-07-07 Sphere 01:01:01
Peterborough, Ontario (Canada) 2013-07-07 Sphere Undisclosed
Belleville (Ontario) (Canada), ON 2013-07-05 Light
Coboconk (Canada), ON 2013-05-19 Circle 30 seconds
Grafton, Ontario (Canada) 2013-03-09 Unknown 00:15:00
Bobcaygeon (Canada), ON 2012-11-17 Triangle 15 seconds
Codrington, Ontario (Canada) 2012-10-16 Star-like 00:00:20
Campbellford, Ontario (Canada) 2012-10-12 Triangle 10:45:00
Peterborough, Ontario (Canada) 2012-10-01 Sphere Undisclosed
Norwood (Canada), ON 2012-09-22 Circle 10 seconds
Peterborough, Ontario (Canada) 2012-09-01 Fireball Undisclosed
Belleville, Ontario (Canada) 2012-08-31 Unknown 00:45:00
Madawaska, Ontario (Canada) 2012-08-18 Sphere Undisclosed
Kawartha Lakes, Ontario (Canada) 2012-07-28 Sphere Undisclosed
Peterborough, Ontario (Canada) 2012-07-10 Flash, Star-like Undisclosed
Peterborough, Ontario (Canada) 2012-07-10 Flash, Star-like Undisclosed
Kawartha Lakes, Ontario (Canada) 2012-06-23 Star-like Undisclosed
Belleville (Canada), ON 2012-06-17 Triangle 20 seconds
Minden, Ontario (Canada) 2012-05-20 Sphere Undisclosed
Apsley, Ontario (Canada) 2012-05-19 Star-like Undisclosed
Lindsay, Ontario (Canada) 2012-05-05 Fireball, Oval, Star-like Undisclosed
Garden Hill, Ontario (Canada) 2012-03-26 Sphere Undisclosed
Trenton, Ontario (Canada) 2012-01-18 Flash, Sphere, Star-like Undisclosed
Blue Mountain, Ontario (Canada) 2012-01-01 Boomerang Undisclosed
Peterborough, Ontario (Canada) 2011-12-24 Other Undisclosed
Brighton (Canada), ON 2011-10-25 Sphere 15 min
Lindsay, Ontario (Canada) 2011-09-16 Sphere, Triangle Undisclosed
Millbrook (Canada), ON 2011-09-10 Circle 10 min