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Flat Islands, Buckhorn, ON

Sighted on Friday 06. October 2017
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Shape: Glowing Orb | Duration: 5 minutes

#1: My parents are both in their mid-50's and have recently retired to their cottage on Buckhorn Lake in Ontario, Canada. Their cottage is located on Fire Route 41, beside Six Foot Bay Resort and Golf Club. The evening of October 6th 2017, my mother was sitting on the deck attached to the house, overlooking Buckhorn lake, chatting with my grandparents. She saw something odd hovering very still by the Flat Islands, out in the boating channel. She called by brother's name (age 25) a few times to get his attention to look - he was just inside making pizza with my father. My brother ignored her first few calls of his name, as he was busy (at this point she said nothing to him about what she was looking at), as he turned to walk out the screen door to the deck, he locked eyes on the same object, before my mother had the chance to point it out. They both witnessed an orb (they cannot guess the size) hovering over the water, about 50 to 70 feet up, beside the island. The orb was a very strong, bright white/yellow colour and shining a very strong beam of light or a 'spot-light' onto the surface of the water. As my mother began to point and explain to my brother and my grandparents, where to look, and what she was seeing, the beam just stopped and the object was gone - in a blink of an eye - as if it heard them talking about it. My brother ran down the lawn to the edge of the water, to try and see if the object moved behind the island trees but saw absolutely nothing again that night. No noses were heard from this shape. My mother watched this object for about 4-5 minutes and my bother for just 2-3. My grandparents didn't see anything, nor did my father inside the cottage. #2: Mid-summer 2017, my mother and my sister (age 26), saw an extremely similar object (white/yellow orb) traveling at an extremely high speed, over the same lake, about 30 feet or so, above the water's surface. It came from nowhere directly towards the cottage. The object all of a sudden made a hard stop for a moment, above the water, by the island that's attached to the Six Foot Bay Resort, directly in their view, about 300 feet away, before making a sharp left around the point, to the left of our cottage, at the end of the road, behind the cottages and trees and out of sight. This object did not make any sounds and did not create any wind or rippling of the water and trees.

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