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Goldendale, WA

Sighted on Wednesday 08. October 2014
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Shape: Light | Duration: 3 seconds

Strange light orb seen on night of Moon eclipse in Goldendale WashingtonOctober 2014, on the night of the blood moon, I decided to stay up all night to see the moon eclipse. At 3:30am, at the height of the eclipse, I woke my family up to come outside and see it. My daughter and I walked out our back door first onto our back deck with my son and husband following behind. As soon as my daughter and I reached the edge of the deck, we turned back towards our house to look at the moon which was above the house.At the ridgeline of the roof, a bright, white light appeared and flew along the entire roofline of the home. It was an orb, very bright, brilliant white, and kind of had an appearance of a 'sparkler.' The kind I used to play with on the fourth of July as a kid. It was not more than a foot above the roof, and was about the size of a cantalope. It lasted 3 seconds and my daughter and I gasped in amazement having both seen it. My husband and son had not looked up in time, having therefore missed it.We marveled at the moon and described the orb we saw for several minutes, and at that point, my husband went back inside. As the children and I walked off the deck and into the yard, we saw another orb just like the one a few minutes prior. It appeared 20 ft above us, flew for 3 seconds and fizzled out. It too looked like a sparkler and was the same size. All three of us saw this one. There was no noise with either one.

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