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Stratford, New Hampshire (United States)

Sighted on Friday 11. July 2014
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 02:30:00

2 family members and I were watching television when almost at the same time noticed something odd in the night sky outside the window and began looking out the window and saw a really bright light moving very quickly around the night sky for at least 2 hours, there is only one light that can been seen from the place we were sitting (close to zero light polution on a mostly clear night) and it was the closest house about 5 miles away on a different mountain, the craft seemed to be looking at something with a spotlight like projector pointing in all directions the spotlight had narrowed at times into a bright beam, it was atleast a mile away and was also observed with binoculars and a telescope. It moved from one mountain top to another (that were measured to be 3 miles apart) within a matter of seconds, it also descended below a mountaintop and back up to heights far greater than the mountain tops within seconds, the craft was shining its lights at the ground and seemed to be searching or studying its surroundings. We (26 yr male, 62 yr male and 58yr female) had all watched this happening for at least 2 and a half hours in awe. I was very anxious and worried about what this could be. I have seen helicopeters of all types in the night being in the military and this thing was just too fast. It travelled across the sky at speeds that seemed unbelievable. We lost sight of the object when it darted up and into a cloud formation. After looking at the area that the object was looking it looks to be a logging area I have included pictures of google earth. The object circled the logging area and the Maidestone Lake.


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