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Sherbrooke, Quebec (Canada)

Sighted on Saturday 08. September 2018
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:01:00

I was taking a walk and about to turn on my street and then i saw the 1st orbs passing behind a tree ( optically...Cause it was farther in the sky ) going north to south...After passing most of the horizon ( 10 sec )...The 1st orb faded ( or what looked like fading ) and then 2 other orbs with the same path ( 1 a bit lower and diagonal but flying parallel ) passing again the horizon and a 4th orb followed the other 2 a bit behind...They all seemed to fade eventually. i saw the 1st orb alone...And 3 other peoples ( 2 adults and a child, taking a walk to ) saw the last 3 orbs. they probably saw me looking in the sky...When i saw the 2 others....Told them " look behind at whats in the sky" the man turn around and said " what the f*** ...Whats that... ...It cant be drones...And the women replied....No cause its fading...The man took his cellphone out and could've take a picture or video of the last orb ( he wasn't sure if he took something useful ) but i started to run toward my house to tell my son ( while the other 3 were still talking about it ) i was so exited that i called my other son and daughter to tell them my story...We stayed a bit outside to see if something else would happen. a couple of planes passed in the sky but there were making obvious noise and flashing accordingly...Nothing like the 4 glowing orbs ( no discernible wings ) and the light wasn't conventional airplane lights for sure or some that drones could make. ps: we could probably find the others to have there versions if needed.

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