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Green River, Utah (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 14. April 2015
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 02:05:00

My sons and I were on our way back from Colorado. We stopped at a place just west of Green River, Utah. Now this place I had first visited about 10 to 12 years ago and have revisited it several times over the years. It's a pretty interesting area with a lot of petrified wood every place you look. This particular area we were looking in, I had found some petrified wood, and it was kind of strange, to me and had an appearance of being worked by forces other than nature. Since that time I always had been compelled to return to the area, I always felt that there was something more to find, something even out of the ordinary. I checked on the geology of the area and found that the deposit are from best I could tell where laid down during the Eocene epoch that lasted 56 to 33 million years ago. I also had a suspicion that petrified wood and uranium went hand in hand, which was confirmed by google. This whole area is known for its mining of that element. So back to Sunday, we were finding a lot of petrified wood, and again some of it looked as if it was somehow worked. We were in a canyon with mesas on both sides and the strata the trees were deposited was obvious, it was a mud layer about mid-way up the mesa. The deposit above was harder than the mud layer, so it was decomposing faster and more complete. After walking down from the top of the mesa we headed down into the talus slope near the point it levels off. There was mud sediments all around, in pretty small pieces. It was then I notice something unusual just breaking the surface of the ground. It appeared circular, I picked it up and noticed that it in fact was round, perfectly round and was out of place. The object was not cut or cored or chiseled, as you can see in the third photo. It appears that when the mud was soft, there was something that made an impression then was filled in by the harder rock over time, then the softer mud rock eroded leaving this cast if you will. The impression is a perfect 6 inches in diameter, plus or minus one inch thick and has at least 4 or more striations making up the disk. The impression was made when the trees were still wood and not yet petrified. Notice the same size dimples directly across from one another at its diameter. Whatever made this impression was flat on the bottom. This rock, object or whatever you call it is definitely weird, and seems to have been made by something other than a natural occurrence. To me along with the wood that seemed to have been worked, it's almost gives the feeling that this might have been made some machine or landing craft. What do you think? If it was an impression made by some natural force what could it have been? It's not a dinosaur foot print since the dinosaurs had been gone some 10 million years before the Eocene epoch.

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