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Green river, Utah

Sighted on Tuesday 20. September 2016
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Shape: Light bodies | Duration: 2+ hours

No easy way to begin I guess.. Summary: multiple orbs of light, typically 1 to 3 at a time, at some points during the experience there were as many as 20 to 30. Red and white in color. What is was not: Atv/car/laser pointers/computer projection/helicopter/airplane/drones/ people zip lining through a canapy Who: me, My girlfriend (gf) Gf and I were headed NW on 191 out of green river towards SLC There's a rest stop after GrnRvr and across from it is a dirt road that she and I decided would be better since the "rest" stop said no overnighters. We went about five miles, before we parked next to the rail road. As we made our bed for the night I could see some lights out in the distance (towards Grnrvr). I couldnt make out the mountain side, which was about 10 miles from us. The mountain/plateau ran from the NW and tapered off in the SE. It was aprx. 2000 ft high. We made hot cocoa, and just after finishing, around 10 pm, I opened the door and looked out once more. A white light shined from the distance and another at the same time. I shined my headlamp that direction, thinking it was some people camping and that they might have seen me from far off in the distance. A third one lit up. The three sat parallel, 10 mi. away on what I guessed was a mountain road. The were halfway up the silhouette, and from my perspective, sat about 3 inches apart (compare to about 100 to 300ft). And then I began to wonder as a fourth one appeared to come frI'm the right as if driving on a winding road mountain road, very fluidly. The three turned off. At this point I began to stare in fascination and said "woah GF look at this". That's when S* started getting great. The lights began to move, come and go, and sit still. They began to make a lot of displays that were impossible for any car, and when I shined my headlamp, one responded with a burst of flashes, but afterwards they stopped, and so did i. So I ruled out happy campers and elegant mountain driving enthusiasts. These maneuvers were way to quick, they would go from one side of the rock formation to the other. They would dip like waves and I thought maybe it was some zip liners or something, stopping at a platform with a guide waiting there and then the two of them would zip off together to another platform. One light would go out, and the other would continue. I was perplexed. They would go vertical, horizontal, slight waves. But there wasn't anything...

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