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Erie, Pennsylvania (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 24. September 2015
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 09:00:00

I watched for an hour amazed. There was the brighter ones who sttod pretty much startionary and maybe a mile or more from the next. Brighter because they are lower or manye it's a form of rank? How the helll should i know? I was not at all frightened. As a little Catholic boy taught we are the center we are the supreame beings nothing else I always just knew that was not so, at 6 years old I think I coined the phrase everyone uses today..."If it 's only us....seems like an awful waste of perfectly good space. Bt i digress, I wish I still had my canon camera. Was stolen. If I had a decent cam I know I can get them because I am seeing them every night since. The more you look its like your eyes train to find them. Here is were things kinda got shady....The "guardians" nonly moved to intercept less bright star-craft that were approaching from the east. they had a stand offs, maybe 50 ft apart or more, hard to tell. And this made me laugh too...the "guardian" lunged forward a little and the other backed way the hell up.and left. Now something a little more serious. I noticed the "guardian" which was located in my 1 oclock position up. Started moving south east The I seen others coming from different directions, A craft coming from the east again was surrounded. % min into it the craft looked like when you recorded old tv with a video camera, the lines?? but much faster then....gone. I don;t know if I witnessed teleportation or utter Annihilation. Then the "guardians returned to their post. Another thing to note, when ever a plane was approaching all star craft stood dead still. Nothing to see here, we are just your heavenly stars, nothing more, soon as the plane passed they moved again. Now yesterday got me a little worried. I was seeing 1000;s and 100;s of these things. The accelerated at amazing speeds pretty much over my house to the south east.I seen others that seemed to be chasing something, Every now and then I'd catch a bright flash out of the corner of my eye. When I looked, no star, no plane, nothing to cause it. meteors leave trails. this flash was localized . did not illuminate a large portion of the sky but i know it was a bright white color. See these evey now and then, hoping it was not what I think it may be. The thing that has me alarmed is the number of them, if they were here researching or something of that nature they would not need an Armada to do this. i studied these crafts for many hours a night. SOme knew exactly what to do while others moved about as if confused on which direction to go. I believe the orbs are drones of some sore, beause I noticed last night wheree they departed from. Picture a star of david. each point was a star-craft. hexagonish shape but moved without any regards to weather it's was upside down, slanted..but i knoticed at times I can see they was indeed a hughe object there but translucent like, when it went behind clouds I seen the shadow. i SEEN MAYBE 60 OR SO OF THEM JUST TONIGHT. IN FACT IF i GO OUT RIGHT NOW i KNOW i WILL SEE SOMETHING. I have not told anyone about this because I was hoping to borrow a camera / video camera with good zoom to back me up. I know what I saw and I swear on my life it is as I have told it. Tonight look out twards lake erie. more to the west though, actually they are everywhere. They also have the ability to create clouds, like a mist will for and draw in to them and so will small nearby clouds. and sometimes they make large clouds in the matter of about 10 min. I DO have some photo evidence. This happened about 2 weeks ago during the evening hours, my eye was drawn to the sky because of the beauty of the sunset and the very odd shaped spider like web clouds, then a large "contrail" only looked like it was super heated. did it a few more times. i looked and at the end was a ball of light. sitting there next thing you know, clouds start drawing in to somewhat hide it and i seen other orange orbs coming from seemingly thin air approaching it, but to the west was a VERY bright lighted orb coming. i kept trying to get my old man to see it so my attention was not always there but next think i knew they cleared out and the ship took off. The camera was given to me, i went to video and got "out of memory" DOH so tried taking a snap.. again DOH so I deleted 3 pics as fast as I could and i did manage to catch quite a bit on them 3 5 MP "old cmera" Problem is I cannot find thee drivers for windows 7 for the life of me. the camera is OPTIMUS 5.0 MEGA.....BLAH BLAH.....DIGITAL CAMERA FROM RADIOSHACK.MODLE NUMBER 16-3879 IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO GET THIS WORKING WITHE WINDOWS i WILL SEND THE PICS RIGHT AWAY. tHE MORE WE ALL LOOOK UP, THE MORE WE WILL ALL SEE.

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